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Six Sigma concepts...

This course introduces the concepts of Six Sigma

Learning objectives

  • Six Sigma Overview
  • Identification and selection of Improvement opportunities
  • Roles and responsibilities in Six Sigma implementation
  • Overview of DMAIC (Define- Measure-Analyze-Improve & Control) and other approaches
  • Development of project charter
  • Understand Critical to Customer / Critical to Business characteristics
  • Understanding variation – Special causes vs. Common causes
  • Seven QC tools
  • Evaluation of Process Capability and assessment of Sigma level
  • Understand Cause and Effect diagram and FMEA
  • Understand concepts of Correlation and regression and use of same in validating causes
  • Understand concept of Tests of Hypotheses like Two sample t-test, Chi-Square test, ANOVA etc
  • Selection and prioritization of solutions for the validated causes
  • Monitoring process using Control Charts for controlling processes
  • Sustain benefits achieved using the implemented solutions

Target audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn basics of Six Sigma concepts



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